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Join the Conmunity!

The Conmunity is YOU!

It's not the celebrities or corporations that are the heart of the comic-con experience; It's the creative people who attend and exhibit their creative skills to the masses at cons around the world on either side of the tables.

We still enjoy talking about the movies, television, games, comics, collectibles we love and support with our hard earned dollars, but The Conmunity is mostly about raising awareness of the common creator. We're looking for people to become a part of what makes The Conmunity great!

Do you enjoy sharing the geeky things you love with others? Become a contributor. Do you spend tons of money throughout the year sitting behind a table or in a booth at cons? You don't have to limit your reach to just the shows you can afford to visit, reaching only the same people every time.

Do you cosplay, run a fan club, publish your own comics, draw whatever you can whenever you can? We want people to know who you are and where to find you next.

Do you run a convention of your own and want more people to know about it? We're here to spread the word.

Do you want to reach fans all over the world with your new product, creation, or multimedia project? This is where you come to do more than simply "advertising."

And if you are doing any of this for charity or to just make the con experience and the world in general a better place, it's time we talked.

Just sign up as an INDIVIDUAL to start and we'll be in touch about the next phase of your part in The Conmunity!

Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming events at this time.

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